Rottweiler 30" Weathervane Rottweiler 30" Weathervane

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The Weathervanes are cast aluminum and come in traditional black. The breed ornament is made of extremely durable 1/4" thick PVC.
Choose between an adjustable roof bracket or a threaded rod mast for mounting.
Some cupolas are equiped with a threaded rod receiver, please determine before ordering.
The Garden Weathervane comes with a 5 foot stake ready to set in the ground.
Optional ornamental gold-bronze globes that fit over the mast are a great accent. ALL our weathervanes come with FREE SHIPPING.

Rottweiler 30" Weathervanes cost  $85.00 each

Rottweiler 30" Complete Garden Weathervanes cost  $85.00 each

Rottweiler 30" Weathervanes with globes cost  $110.00 each

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